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Our original concept is simply on hiatus while we navigate this period of uncertainty.


We are now focusing on a Live Music Venue, fully Revamped Drink Menu.

We did not make this decision lightly, there are multiple reasons for needing to make this change. 


  1. Cost of Goods - Due to economic pressures, the price of the ingredients that makes us special has consistently risen and shows no signs of stopping.

  2. The Rathskeller Building is for Sale - We do not know the intentions of the new owners. With the current model we run, we cannot make the assumption that they would extend our lease, let alone keep our rent where it is at.

As far as what the future looks like, we’ll be offering:


  1. Nightly Live Music

  2. Cheaper drinks, with elevated options

  3. Patio Seating

  4. Gift Cards are still valid


Lastly, we want to also give a shoutout and HUGE thank you to the employees that we’ll have to let go of in the process. They’re like family. 


It is unfortunate, but necessary to keep us afloat through this time.

We'd be honored to have you join us!

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